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La Paz was built in a canyon created by the Choqueyapu River (now mostly built over), which runs northwest to southeast. The city's main thoroughfare, which roughly follows the river, changes names over its length, but the central tree-lined section running through the downtown core is called the Prado. La Paz' geography,(in particular, altitude) reflects society: the lower you go, the more affluent. While many middle-class paceños live in high-rise condos near the center, the really rich houses are located in the lower neighborhoods southwest of the Prado. The reason for this division is that the lower you go in the city the milder the weather is. And looking up from the center, the surrounding hills are plastered with makeshift brick houses of those struggling in the hope of one day reaching the bottom.
Population 877,398 Places to visit
Time Zone GMT-4 Tiwanaku
Capital of Bolivia
Banco Central de Bolivia
Tiwanaku Square
Average High Temperature 18.9°C
Average Low Temperature 4.3°C
Area 472
Valentine's day (Feb.5th-15th)
Contemporary Collection
Get Well
Get well basket: Hospital
Love & Romance
Mixed Flowers
Mother's Day
New Baby
Spring Bouquets
White Flowers
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